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Does Christmas Really Need to be Saved?

Holiday movies and TV programs often have a crisis that entertains and is familiar to us – holiday stress. The stories go like this: a family enthusiastically gears up for a memorable Christmas experience. Next, they over extend themselves and … Read More »

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. . . for God’s temple is holy, and that temple you are.

November 21st is the feast of the Entrance into the Temple of Mary, the mother of our Lord. The event is not found in the bible; its celebration belongs to the tradition of the church and takes place every year … Read More »

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A Fast Towards Anticipation

The Nativity Fast is with us. Two things generally mark this Nativity Fast for us: A normal dietary fast as prescribed by the Church. (There are four fasting seasons in the church year. The fast included meat, dairy, fish, wine … Read More »

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