Separating Christian Stewardship From the Parish Budget

A challenge of modern life is that we easily become self-centered and self-focused consumers—the world  encourages us to be so.  Then, the principles and language of scriptural Stewardship sound odd and foreign.  To make sense of it, we twist Stewardship into a financial transaction, a practical thing to ‘pay the bills’, an obligation to meet, a ‘program’ of the parish council or priest.  This kind of Stewardship is really uninteresting and not at all Christian— it is no more than a reflection of all that is manipulative and repetitive in the world.

Christian Stewardship goes beyond –way beyond—clever tactics and schemes familiar to the commercial world.  Christian Stewardship is squarely about my life in Christ.  It is less about the financial needs of our parish or Church and more about our spiritual lives.  We must take our Christian Stewardship seriously because it affects our life of faith.  If we are really interested in strengthening our faith, we must make a deeper consideration and commitment to Christian Stewardship.

Do I handle my financial stewardship as an obligation or duty or do I see it as a way of building up my Christian faith?

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