Father Nicholas' Sabbatical May 1st - Sept. 1st

The Clergy Renewal Program for Holy Trinity begins on May 1st. Holy Trinity is one of 148 Christian parishes and congregations in America awarded a Clergy Renewal Grant for 2017. The Grant allows for Priests, Pastors, and Ministers to take a period of Sabbatical to reflect on their ministry and engage in renewal activities with the aim of returning to ministry stronger and healthier. Father Nicholas will be taking such a Sabbatical from May 1st through Aug. 31st.

During this Sabbatical period, Liturgical services will continue as usual at Holy Trinity with Vespers at 6:30 pm on Saturday and Divine Liturgy on Sunday at 9:30 am. The weekday Feasts of Ascension, Saints Peter & Paul, and Dormition will also be held. Father David Mezynski from St. Vladimir's Seminary will be at Holy Trinity on most weekends serving the Divine services. He will be available during the weekend to hear confessions and attend to pastoral matters in the parish. Father David's phone number is (914) 413-5605. His email is dmezynski@svots.edu. When Father David is not able to to be at Holy Trinity, Archbishop Mark will be here for the weekend.

Additionally, Father Theodore Petrides will be available during the week for the pastoral needs of the parish. He will be serving Daily Vespers at Holy Trinity on Thursdays at 4:00 pm. Fr. Theodore's phone number is (570) 713-7095 and his email is frtheodrpetrides@verizon.net.

Summer Liturgical Schedule is listed in the Calendar section of this website.

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Service Schedule

  • MAR 20, Tue:   Daily Vespers  4:00 PM
  • MAR 21, Wed:   Presanctified Liturgy, followed by Lenten Dinner  6:00 PM
  • MAR 22, Thu:   Daily Matins with Canon of St. Andrew  9:30 AM

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