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Sat May 28, 2022

Christ is Risen! Dear Faithful and Friends. Blessed Memorial Day Weekend to everyone! This long weekend holiday is saddened by the tragedy at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. May all those suffering unimaginable grief and trauma find consolation in the risen Christ and may each of us bear in our hearts a bit of the tremendous burden carried by families and community members affected by this evil act of violence. On this Memorial Day Weekend, enjoy family and BBQs .... but don't allow worship to be neglected. Sunday Liturgy (and Saturday Vespers for that matter) is a fixed part of every weekend. Weekend activities are planned around the call to worship. It is not healthy to sacrifice Church for the sake of other things. Our worship must come first and it is an offering to God that gives us joy and strength. Again, our worship must come first so that all other parts of our lives can be directed to God rather than directed to our own self-indulgences. What we place first in our lives bears great importance. Thank you to all who expressed care, concern, and prayers for my recent surgery. My surgery, in fact, went better than expected. Unexpected, though, will be a more arduous recovery period. I will be hampered by crutches for the next 4 - 6 weeks. With some extra help, I'm hoping to be able to serve in the weeks ahead but for this Sunday, Father Barnabas Fravel will be with us to serve the Divine Liturgy. We will not have Vespers on Saturday evening. May God be with us! Father Nicholas

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