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Parish Life at Holy Trinity

Much goes on at our parish involving good communication and broad participation. Below are the many areas of our parish life and those who oversee these responsibilities. Please see Father Nicholas or anyone listed below to help out in these areas. For the health and well-being of our parish, it is good to have these areas of responsibility shared and rotated among us. What are your talents and where might you find a place to contribute to the life of our good parish?


Masha Solak


Bill Rusk

Weekly Bulletin

Father Nicholas


Rebecca Boyle

Church School

Masha Solak

Adult Education

Father Nicholas


Jennifer Mohring

Church Cleaning

Bill Canale

Coffee Hour

Masha Solak


Denis Hatch


Norman Stinger

Website & Facebook

Chris Whitley

Liturgical Supplies

Bill Canale

Prosphora Baking

Adrianna Popa

Grocery Cards

Kathy Rockliss

Soup Kitchen & Community B'fast

Rebecca Boyle


Chris Whitley & Kathy Rockliss

Gift Shop

Chris Whitley/Kathy Rockliss

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