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Holy Trinity Pierogie Making

To order please call 570.350.1482 or e-mail We sell Pierogies quarterly, please see Holy Trinity website for the date of that specific Saturday.

Pick-up is at 1:00 to 4:00 pm that Saturday.  Advance orders are appreciated. Pierogies are $10.00/doz. 

Pierogie Team

Every quarter on a designated Saturday, a “Pierogie Team” gathers at Holy Trinity to make hundreds of dozens of these delicious half-moon, stuffed dumplings.  The pierogies made by this hard-working group of about 20 workers make the best, as many returning customers will testify!

They begin their Saturday work day around 8 am in the church hall kitchen by mixing the flour mass in an industrial-type machine and running it through a mechanized roller.  However, much of the work is done by hand: Cutting rounds of dough, rolling and tucking in balls of potato and cheese, pinching them closed, and strategically lining them up on trays. The finished product is then cooked and packaged by the dozen into plastic storage bags and sold to the public and parishioners.  We thank these dedicated volunteers of the “Pierogie Team” that chose to continue this fundraising activity following a hiatus for almost 2 years.

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